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convict is terrible. i mean awful. the only reason his final fight is hard is because the randomness of his shapeshifting and the weakness of his main fighting kit are bad. other than that great game. 4/5

subliminal messaging is not your friend.

i played it for more than 5 minutes so....yeah. gg.

great game. wonderfully bright graphics. eye watering occured.

love the graphics and physics engines.
vote 3. keep it up

we Don't accept programs here that require unity to play. You should never EVER EvERRR use unity to distribute a game. especially when the download package is known to have viruses. get blammed.

with a painfully boring max score of 120, i saw this game as what it is: another lackluster breakout clone. besides the painfully unoriginal look of the game, there was one glaring problem that presented itself over and over: a faulty paddle.

There are three objects in this game. blocks, ball, and paddle. Three. with such simplicity comes the requirement for perfect playability. The left side of the paddle moves the ball milimeters to the left before it launches it, making the paddle not hit the ball where it should. fix and upload again.

game leads to a russian phishing site if you click play more games, which is the entire screen after the game over. game is tardo e-z. there are only 3-5 spots where rabbits come in on any level. and what is the point of making innocent rabbits that don't hurt you if killing the only improves your score?

very ez. voted 3

medals are not locking for me. I have also discovered a silly glitch. picking up the plane, dragging it left off screen, double clicking the plane, allowing the game to crash but don't close the browser. then the stall recovery button comes up. tap space til you save the stall and gold glitter explodes out the front o the plane and it just flys forever. you don't need to steer it or anyhting. i just did the glitch and as i write this review my plane has "flew" ~600 meters. clicking rainbow stars ends this glitch.

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