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got a score of 5404, got no medals. other than that amazingly fun and addictive game. intense and pretty graphics and sound

SinclairStrange responds:

You got a medal, the pop-up doesn't happen as it would of been too much on the screen. If ye check ye medals then you did unlock the first one :D I'm glad ye like the game :3

protip: noble gasses on the right never mix with anything. use them for exchange

please dear goodness....MEDALSSSS!!!!

took about 50 minutes to complete with all golds. a little bit simple but it has amazing art and the crocodile is absolutely adorable. I totally give all my 5 to this. It isn't the kind of puzzle platformer you play to tear your hair apart, but more of a test of technical ability. Chompy has an expansive kit of abilities while only using the direction keys and space with the power to moon jump, roll, and grab ledges with excellent wall detection. it gives good direction hints with the arrow signs without being insulting and is all around a really fun experience.


was have a TON of fun until i ran into a glitch that gave me a migraine. I bought the small bat for the little boy, but now he's gone. poof. not in any house and honestly, i don't want to play any more. this glitch brought out everything i disliked about the game and made it surface. The music in the second town now throws me into a rage every time i hear it. i'm sorry, i quit. an hour looking in a small town to give a boy a bat is too much.

love the game so far. I did however find the dialogue of the wizards when you're crippled to be disturbing. It is one big long gay joke, as the character lacks any defining female characteristics, and te wizards lack and revealing sexual identifiers as well. some of them were just blunt about it "i can't wait to fuck you" "you are mine. you are mine. you are mine..." i dunno. just felt like a kid trying to be edgy, not saying you are a kid trying to be edgy. just that this is what your work shows to me.

The text is unpolished and unfortunately for me, it ruins a large part of the game. This game has the ability to be great, but the text is awful. I however love the gameplay. it is reminiscent of the ps1/3do title Shipwreckers. I love this game, and in fact would be willing to help you perfect the language in the game. If you are perhaps interested, you can contact me on here.

you're on the way to second place

fun game. a bit hard at level two when you ave no indication that the walls can move, but that is easily learned through playing. i do disagree with it's categorization as an action-platformer-puzzle. it seems more as a platform puzzle, without the action. great work and keep making games!

idaviie responds:

Thank you for your comments il be updating this game soon with more levels fixing bugs etc.
and im planing to make the levels alot harder lol.

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